The Wheeled Cart

Get ready for something NEW that will change the world!


Are you tired from coming home everyday men after carrying all that heavy stuff and doing all the work with your hands and getting lots of bruises and blisters well that’s why I’m here.

Why you want it.

Hello everybody my name is Jo Hooga and I’ve created something that will change the world. It’s the Wheeled Cart!!

That’s right The Wheeled Cart. How does it work you guys ask? Well there is wooden handlebars and you grab them .See! And then there is these wheels that roll and you push the cart with the handles and I think this will change the world because instead of walking around in the hot sun carry things with your hands you can use… The Wheeled Cart!! You see you can drag things with this bad boy and it would be easier for everybody to use this invention. This invention is also made of the best wood in the WORLD

I bet a lot of people right now wanna ask me, why do I need it? Well as you see The Wheeled cart would be easier for everybody I mean EVERYBODY, would want this and need it so it would be a lot easier for you because you carry things in it . After I made this I see Sargon, we all know who Sargon is right?

So anyways I see him and he says that a nice… uh what is it? So I say well it’s my newest invention it’s called “The Wheeled Cart”. Then he says I do need it. Then I ask what does he need it for? Then he said “It would be a great tool to use especially now that we might be leading to war.

For example: Dead animals,food,seeds,water, and all that good stuff.

See even our emperor wants to use my invention and was the first person to

Now remember guys you would have no blisters,no bruises and The Wheeled Cart Will help.