Buddhism VS. Hinduism

By: Tavion Williamson

In Ancient India there were lots of different religions. Two that were really big and still around today are Buddhism and Hinduism. these two religions are similar in someways but different in others.

Buddhism Is Born

Buddhism was first developed by Siddhartha Gautama, but he is better known as Buddha. When he was first enlightened, he made the Four Noble Truths. They're what Buddhism is based off of. After he made the Four Nobles Truths he developed the EightFold Path. They believe that after you are reincarnated, reborn, you have to follow the EightFold Path to overcome the misery of life so you follow the Eightfold Path so you can reach Nirvana, which is the state of perfect peace.

Hinduism In The Begining

No one really knows who made Hinduism all the history was lost in time. there is not any history because the religion is almost 3000 years old. It has nearly one million followers and they believe in Brahma has there personal god. They also believe that you can be reincarnated into any living thing so they can be in a higher or lower caste. The caste system was like social class to them.

They Are The Same

In someways Hinduism and Buddhism are the same. First of all, they both started in Ancient India long ago.They believe in reincarnation and both try to free their souls from suffering and pain.

As you know there were lots of different religions in Ancient India but two of the most famous were Hinduism and Buddhism. Even though they are different they share similarities.

This is a statue of Budda (Siddhartha Gautama)