(You Are!)

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This Week's Shout OUTS:

  • Leah Goldsberry for making miracles happen with meetings this week!

  • JANE for the scrumptious hot cocoa and taking care of all the staff this week with yummy snacks compliments of YOU! J

  • Meagan for sharing Sumdog and getting me super pumped to show my kids!
  • Deborah for sharing the Choice Boards!
  • 2nd and 3rd grade teachers for helping my class before I had a substitute.
  • Thanks to Mrs. Renee who played Christmas tunes on the auditorium piano while we waited there in the morning!

  • Jill McInnis for keeping such a positive attitude and always stepping in when something goes wrong.
  • All of the IAs for your constant assistance. Our days could never run so smoothly without you.
  • Jane Scruggs for thinking of us all and always supplying a treat and a smile.
  • Tiffany Hilyard for sharing information on Discovery Ed classroom that worked for me this week!

PES Core Beliefs

  • Everyone is of value and has a gift to share.
  • We each learn at a different pace.
  • Everyone deserves a quality education.
  • Relationships are key.
  • Teaching the whole child is essential.
  • Every child deserves a fair chance.

Take Home Animals and Cover Aquariums - Remove Food

Please make sure you save the lives of our little creatures and get food ot of the building over the break. Fridges should be cleaned out as well. We will be spraying all parts of the school December 30th!

Rest and Take Your Vitamin C

We are almost there, Friends! Take care of yourselves this weekend! We can make it to Friday!

In the Week Ahead.....


Pledge - Wilson

Bus Duty pm - Williams

Auditorium - Ambrose/Hilyard

Bus/Cafeteria am - Harrison

Carpool IA am - Zwart

YR K-2 Math Assessments


NO Coding Club

Robotics Club in O'Neal's room - 2:30-3:45



SIT Meeting

Fire Drill 10am


Class winter celebrations

Dental screenings for 1st and 3rd grades

Polar Express Day - First Grade - Auditorium - noon

5th grade Village Walk Day


Polar Express Day - Kindergarten - Auditorium 9:00am

Tacky Sweater Day Contest, Ornament Exchange and Catered Lunch


In the Coming Weeks....

December 21


January 4

Return to School

January 6

Committee Meetings

January 7th

All MCS administrators on our campus for professional development. We will visit four classes.