Boxer Rebellion

By: Kayla Carr, Leah Thornburg, Morgan Hand


During 1899, there was a rebellion in Beijing China called the Boxer Rebellion. It caused by a Chinese secret organization called the Society of the righteous. At first, they wanted to end the Ch'ing Dynasty. Towards the end, they wanted to drive out all foreigners, remove all foreign influence, and compel Chinese Christians to give up their religion.

The rebellion is called the Boxer Rebellion because the Westerners called the rebels, Boxers. This was because they performed physical exercises they believed would make them to with stand bullets, killed foreigners and Chinese Christians and destroyed foreign property. Seventy percent of the Boxers were peasants that targeted foreign missionaries.

The main thing that came out of the Boxer Rebellion would be the United States of America. Also, the other imperial powers defeated the Boxers. A huge number of Boxers were massacred. The terms of the Boxer Protocol are what ended the rebellion in 1901, that was when China agreed to pay more than 330 million dollars for what had been done.

The Boxer Rebelion