Classroom Routines

"Stuff" You Need to Know for Mrs. Perlinger's classes!

Classroom Routines

Please be prepared for learning by bringing your pens, paper, books, and notebooks to class every day!

Consider using a mechanical pencil or pen rather than a pencil. This will avoid the need to have it sharpened before the bell rings for class to start.

A supply table is set up in the back of the room in case you need to use a stapler, hole punch, pencil, ruler, etc. Please be sure to return items (including pencils) so that they will be there for someone else when he/she needs one.

No late work will be accepted when an assigned deadline has been given. Failure to turn work in on time will result in a grade of F (0%) with no chance to make up the work. Partial work that is turned in on time may receive a 69% F rather than a 0% F.

If you need help or an extended deadline, please feel free to come and see me for help. I usually am in my room at lunch time and after school as well.

If you MUST use the bathroom because of an EXTREME emergency, please sign out with leave and return times. Be sure to use the classroom hall pass. No one is to leave the room at any time unless it is a sudden illness or an extreme circumstance.

Any electronic devices may NOT be used in my classroom unless I have given you permission to use them. This includes cell phones, iPads, ipods, laptops, headphones, and ANY other electronic device. (First offense: Taken away until the end of the day. Second offense: Taken away for two days or unless a parent contacts me. Third offense: Taken away and given to the principal. You will have to ask her for it back and she will use her discretion as to when you get it back.)

"Stuff" You Need to Know!

Please be respectful of class and teaching time. If a teacher is teaching and you need to see him or her, look to see if the teacher is busy instructing the class. If he/she is teaching, you need to come back later. (Do not stand at the door and wait.) If it is an emergency and you must interrupt the class, knock once and wait for the teacher to answer the door and acknowledge you. Be sure you have a valid reason for interrupting a class.

Please! No hats! (This means you take it off BEFORE you enter the door!)

Consider joining the Spanish Club and going to Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain in spring of 2015!

Mrs. Karen Perlinger, BA, BS, Master's degree in English Teaching

Hi! I am really excited about teaching each of you this 2013 - 2014 school year! Let me know if I can help you in any way. I hope each of you will give your best effort and we can work together to learn lots of new things!

I also hope some of you will consider signing up for our next Spanish Club trip. It is one that combines a lot of the best European tours that I have been on! We will be going to Switzerland (the Alps), Italy, France, and Spain. What fun!

Mrs. P's classes and Responsibilities

English 12 College Writing

English 11

Speech / Shakespeare & the Stage

Spanish I

Spanish I Video Conferencing Class

Spanish II

JH Spanish

Spanish Club

Concessions Manager