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Hi everyone! We have had a wonderful start to the school year in Language Science. We have spent our time getting to know one another and reviewing previously learned material. We have just started on fluency. This week we are going over technology and next week we will dive into new phonics skills.To say our kiddos are fabulous is an understatement. Each and every one of them are smart, talented, kind andrespectful. I know we are going to have a great year.

In the past LISD has referred to the dyslexia intervention class as "MTA". MTA stood for Multisensory Teaching Approach. The Dyslexia Department is working on moving away from that title. We would like for this intervention class to be called "Language Science". Our students are truly learning the science of the English language, they are scientists.

I have encouraged my students to let you know they are dyslexic and to advocate for themselves. Some of them are comfortable with this and some are shy or embarrassed. I am very proud of the honest conversations we have had about their learning difference.

A little about me

I have taught in LISD since 2003 before that I taught at Legacy Christian Acadamy in Frisco and for DISD. My undergraduate degree is from DBU and my Masters degree is from TWU. I am a certified Reading Specialist and Master Reading Teacher. I also hold certifications in SpEd, Gifted & Talented and ESL. I would love to help you with dyslexia interventions.

I am currently helping my 6th grade students set up their google portfolio. We are moving in the direction of increased technology in the Language Science class, this includes learning apps that will facilitate learning in core classes. Very soon, I will meet with teachers and show you a powerpoint about technology and dyslexia.

We are in this together :)

The Big Picture Rethinking Dyslexia