Catcher in the Rye

Maritza Diaz, Kirstyn Kurowski, Ronzhane Morris

Cultural Perspective

When considering the cultural perception of women, pop culture, and the American psyche in the 1950's, people had a different view on women and their role in the 1950's. Women were viewed as stay home women and were just responsible for house cleaning and cooking.


1. How was the role of women in society in transition during post-war period?

The role of women in society during the post-war era is that women wanted same right as men. They wanted to be the ones to bring home the money. Women from that period wanted to be equal as men. many women found jobs that originally only for men. like factories, ship yards and war materials but women where now put in these jobs. before the war women were just your average house wife cleaning taking care of the kid. they encouraged the average house wife to join a work force as a patriotic duty.

2. Describe the ideal women according to Hollywood.

The ideal women is being a house wive who cleans and will obey the husband. Hollywood described women as not a partner to males but more of a servant cooked and cleaned. during after women were put in more films still not yet equal but able to share the spot light. the movie Holden and sally seen.

3.What contrasting media images of femininity did the public recieve during post-war era?

Women were seen as house wife's that were just capable of cleaning but in reality the are capable of doing what men can do. post war era women were contrasted through the media as beautiful, perfect house wife fasionista along with many love stories women would be caught up in. feminist are women who fight to be equal to males, they were shown as protesters for equal rights.

4. How might these images have affected Holden's perception of romantic interests?

Holden may have thought women are suppose to be neat and only work as a house wife, so when he got the prostate he felt uncomfortable because women are seen to have one job and that's being a house wife.

5. List the following popular or "best of" items from 1951 with 2-3 examples of each.

Play dough, radio, film tv, babies, house. Gillette "black tip" super speed razor it was a popular item to males because it gave them a great shave and was easy to work. plus very cheep back then,now goes for 45.00$. one blades was better.

Another popular item was a 1951 arm hat just like holdens but green. These would sell for cheap but now a days they go for $75.00.

6. What kind of music were most people listen to?

Holden would probably listen to jazz or alternative. Holden wouldn't listen to any "phony" music like pop , rock stars cause it was a lie. Popular music in the 1950s grew to rock and roll like Elvis Presley and chuck berry. Also a rise in blues and jazz ,which was considered unique kinda like gospel music.

7. Who and what were they seeing at the movies?

In the 1950s it would mostly be middle classed people who would go to the show. mainly to show off what they had to wear any reason to go out really. Popular movies where "rebel with out a cause " mainly about teenagers and problems that dealt with troubled teens.Also the ten commandments was popular stuff about the red sea , the 1950s became a very diverse time for movies.

8. How was psychiatry viewed within mainstream America in the early 1950's? Is this different from today?

Psychiatrics is the study of mental disorders to prevent a mental disorder in a subject. Back in the 1950s mental disorders where viewed as insane people who would harm you if you looked at them the wrong way. people just were scared of what they didnt understand. Now a days mentally disabled people are veiwed as nice sweet innocent souls that couldnt be happier, just the fact that they cant think the same way.

Textural evidence

Chapter 13 Page 96-98

Holden decides to go to the down stairs bar of the hotel and try to buy himself a drink. He also tried to act older and mingle with older women. a bar and starting drinking while also flirting with other women.

Chapter 8 Page 56

Holden gets in the train and starts talking to a women whose son goes to Pencey with him. The lady on the train name was Mrs. Morrow, she was offered a cigarette by Holden while riding the train. Showing that many of the kids wanted to become adolescence and that this still happens in our generation.

Chapter 13 Page 94

Holden buys a prostitute to make him feel older. He even lied about his age to be able to buy one. Buying a prostitute is something someone older would do and is still happening now in this era for peoples enjoyment. This is showing even back then everyone wanted to on their own and be grown up.


Number your paper 1-10. Anwser True or False.

1. Holden doesnt care for women and how they are presented as a housewife.

2. A radio wasnt a best item in the 1950s.

3. A housewife is the ideal woman in hollywood.

4.TV was made for families to be more split.

5. There is a picture of a woman cooking.

6. Feminist are not women who fight to be equal to males.

7.Women were the biggest view in the 1950's.

8.Play Dough is a popular item of the 1950's.

9. Buying a prostitute was something Holden took part in.

10.Textural evidence talks about teens not wanting to grow up.


1. False