Module 4

Building a Team

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Build to GO FAR

Ranelle's thoughts on building a team: I'm sure you've heard it before, but NEVER pass up the opportunity to have a customer become a distributor.

An aquaintance of mine and her mama quickly became some of my best clients this spring as they fell in love with the product. A month later Nicole asked me about becoming a distributor. My first thought was YAY! In the quietness of my own head doubts crept in..."Well, now I can't sell to her and her mom anymore, shoot!" And, "Will our tiny town of 430 people be able to handle two distributors?" I had also heard that a town is not saturated until there is a distributor for every bank and ATM in the town....well we have 1 bank...and do we even have an ATM?! I went with my initial gut feeling and dismissed my doubts! I encouraged her to go for it and we haven't looked back! She has now built a strong team of her own and continues to bring SeneGence to people I have never met!

I'm telling you, ladies. Building your team is amazing. Watching your friends (new or old) be successful and confident is energizing!

So what is the best thing for your business? You build it. You invite your existing friends to this opportunity. You always say yes to acquaintances who see what you have and want it. You meet new people and gain new friends.

But what if it is my (friend, sister, neighbor...) and I could loose sales?! Trust me, it doesn't matter. Your team is growing, which means your reach is growing....and **cough cough** your commission check! I'm honored to be a part of this team.

Let's go FAR together, ladies. ❤️

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Ranks in SeneGence