Mrs. Hunt's Classroom News

Blythe Elementary 5th grade

What are we learning?

Literacy- We are learning about text structures. We will be watching many videos to figure out different text structures. We will also be reading many different types of structures about one topic to compare why the author chose the structure they did when writing.

Math- We are beginning our decimal unit. We learned yesterday how to write decimals in different forms (standard, expanded, word). We will be moving into how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. One way to practice with decimals at home is with shopping ads. Tell your child they have $10.00 to spend and ask how many things they can buy from the ad.

Science- We have begun a new unit on Forces and Motion. This is a very fun unit where students learn all about how and why things move (or don't move). We will also be learning about Newton's Laws. This is a very fun and hands on unit.

Social Studies- We are still integrating social studies into our reading block. We are still comparing and contrasting time periods.


If you have not turned in the yellow slip for our March 11th field trip please do so asap. We will be going to the Belk Theater.

Next Monday February 15th was supposed to be a teacher workday. Because of the snow we this day is now a makeup day. Do not forget to send your child to school.

Classroom Needs

We are in need of a few supplies in our classroom to finish out the second half of our year. If you are able to donate please send in items with your student.

Pencils- Number 2- Ticonderoga works best in our sharpener

Colored Pencils