Walk two Moons

By: Sharon Creech


Walk two moons, by: Sharon Creech is about two thirteen year old girls, named Sal Hiddle, and Phoebe Winterbottom. Sal is on a quest to trace back the footsteps of her mother's inevitable death. Phoebe is on a quest to find out where her missing mother went, and why strange messages keep reappearing on her doorstep. Soon, both girls stories collide, and they find out more about the past, present, and future.


Characters in the novel misjudge three characters because they fail to "Walk two moons in their moccasins;" these misjudgements are later proven wrong.

Mrs. Magaret Cadaver:

Mrs. Margaret Cadaver, one of the many people judged by Sal and Phoebe, was misjudged for the disappearance of her husband. Also, they thought their homeroom teacher Mr. Birkway, helped her dispose of her missing husband. "Maybe Mr. Birkway helped chop her husband, and maybe they were worried and decided to disguise the spot with a rhododendron bush." (Page 86). Later, Mr. Birkway reveals to Sal and Phoebe that he, and Mrs. Cadaver did not kill Mr. Cadaver. "I just wanted to tell you Mr. Cadaver died in a car crash." (Page 219). Sal and Phoebe judged Mrs. Cadaver on how she looked, and how she talked. "Her voice is like dead leaves blowing around, and her hair is spooky." (Page 115). Even though Sal and Phoebe knew the truth about Mr. Cadaver, they still were not sure if they could fully trust her. "With the courage and spit on me, I went to see Margaret Cadaver." (Page 254). Mr. Hiddle, Sal's father, who went over Mrs. Cadaver's house very often, made Sal and Phoebe wonder if Mrs. Cadaver likes Sal's father." Do you love him?" (Page 271). After, Sal asked Mrs. Cadaver that question, Mrs. Cadaver told Sal the truth about her and her father's relationship. "He's holding onto me because I was with your mother, and held her hand in her last moments." (Page 271). In the end, Sal and Phoebe realized Mrs. Cadaver was not that bad after all.

Mike Bickle:

Mike Bickle, or as Sal and Phoebe called him "the lunatic", was one of the many people judged by Sal and Phoebe. He was mostly misjudged for being a creepy, lunatic to the girls and thought he was following them, and responsible for the disappearance of Phoebe's mother, Mrs. Winterbottom. " Maybe she was kidnapped, maybe the lunatic dragged her off somewhere." (Page 127). When Mrs. Winterbottom returned home with Mike the girls were shocked, and confused. "For a second, I thought maybe Mike had kidnapped Mrs. Winterbottom and was bringing her back for some ransom money or maybe he was now going to do the way with the rest of us." (Page 246). Phoebe and Sal also had a theory of Mike leaving mysterious messages left on Phoebe's porch step. "I think the lunatic is writing these notes." (Page 52). Later in the book, Mrs. Partridge reveals to the girls something very interesting... " I wrote the notes." (Page 253). The girls also had a belief that Mike was following them. "Look quick it's the lunatic." (Page 64). This quote shows that the girls are frightened by Mike's appearance, and thought that he was after them, but that was not the real reason. "Mike is my son." (Page 248). Also, "Mike found me." (Page 248). So, Mike wasn't after the girls, he was looking for his long lost mother.

Mrs. Norma Winterbottom:

Mrs. Winterbottom, is one of the last people Sal and Phoebe misjudge. Mrs. Winterbottom is misjudged for leaving Phoebe and her family, and lying to her family. One day, Sal and Phoebe saw Mrs. Winterbottom after she disappeared with the lunatic. "It was Phoebe's mother, and she was kissing the lunatic." (Page 235). Later, Phoebe and Sal are told the real reason Mrs. Winterbottom was with the lunatic. "Mike is my son." (Page 248). Also, Mrs. Winterbottom was judged as being the perfect housewife. "I had a feeling because if you just listened to the words she said, it sounded as if she was Mrs. Supreme Housewife." (Page 30). When Mrs. Winterbottom came back home with Mike everything about her changed. "She had tried so many years to be perfect, but she had to admit she was quite imperfect." (Page 247). Also, when Mrs. Winterbottom brought Mike home, it caused lots of commotion in the household, and made them very upset for how she lied to all of them about Mike. "It's not respectable I'm concerned about, I am concerned that you wouldn't tell me any of this.""I don't think I know you either." (Page 249). This shows how Mrs. Winterbottom's family feels about the lies she has told them about Mike. "Mike found me and at first I was frightened, of what that would mean. I've lived such a tiny life." (Page 248). This shows how Phoebe's mother feels about the situation and shows how much she cares about her family.


Sal and Phoebe had many ups and downs throughout the novel. They had many times to laugh about, and times to cry. Also, they misjudged three characters, Mrs. Cadaver, Mike Bickle, and Mrs. Winterbottom due to making sense in the quote "walk two moons in their moccasins." Later throughout the novel, these misjudgments were proven wrong. Overall, Phoebe will always be a part of Sal, and Sal will always be apart of Phoebe. They will be friends, no matter what, as long as they live.