The Feros

By: Wesley King

Book Report By: Mark Perez

James- super strength

Lana- super strength

Hayden- moves things with his mind

Sam- reads peoples minds

Emily- a computer genius

The Feros -

James, Lana, Hayden, Sam, and Emily have 3 months to go until they will be accepted into the League of Heroes. They have a reunion at Hayden's house since they haven't seen each other for a while. While out canoeing, they see someone watching them so they chase after him. Lana's the only one that was fast enough to keep up with him and when she sees him, he has a blank stare and is dressed all in black.

That night they have a party at Hayden's house. In the middle of the party a voice forces James to kiss Lana, which makes Hayden mad, so he throws James through a wall. Since he used his powers, the Flame and his team try to arrest them but Sam says that they were set up by them so they escape with the ship that the Flame came in. They also find out that Thunderbolt is missing.

To try and find out what is going on, they decide to go to the Baron's mansion so that Emily can hack into the leagues network. While there they find a hero named Blue, who explains what has been going on. The next day they are attacked by the ones that were following Emily. While fight them, Emily and Blue are mysteriously taken. They decide to go the Perch, the league prison, to see if Emily and Blue are there. When they get there they do not find her but they talk to the Vindico to see if they know where she is.

Emily wakes up to find herself in a prison cell with Blue. A man named Dolus comes to talk to her and ask her questions about her friends. He tells Emily that he is going to release the Vindico from the Perch.

James, Hayden, Lana, and Sam to the league headquarters in New York to see if they can find out anything there. In the control room they find a message from Thunderbolt to them that tells them the coordinates to where he is hiding. Before they are able to leave, they are attacked by the Flame. In the middle of their battle the Vindico come and start attacking both of them. James, Hayden, Lana, and Sam escape into the streets of New York leaving the Flame and his team behind with the Vindico. The Vindico tell the Flame to capture the kids and bring them to them and he will spare his life. They hate the Vindico so much that they go and save the kids from the Vindico and go to Thunderbolts hiding place. The Flame explains to them that they never wanted to hurt them or arrest them.

When they get to where Thunderbolt is, they tell all about what has been going and how Emily was somehow take from them. Thunderbolt accepts them into the league of heroes. The Vindico left a tracking device on the Flames ship so that they know where he is but they decide not to attack but instead steal their families. While having a meeting the league figures out that there was a tracking device on the Flames ship. They wonder why they haven't attacked yet and then figure out that the Vindico took their families.

Questions You May Ask -

Will they find where Emily is? Will they be able to find their families and save them before its too late.

Is This Book Part of a Series?

What Did I Enjoy About The Book?

What I enjoyed about this book was all the action from the fighting. It was very descriptive and did not get boring. I liked how it was written from a teenagers point of view because it also made the book more humorous.

Why Would I Recommend This Book?

I would recommend this book because it was a very fun book to read with all the action and humor that I think you would enjoy too.