Find yourself in our "GLO FLOWER"*

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Our goal is to revolutionize the flower industries with our new, original, GLO FLOWER. As well as to get 100% Customer Satisfaction.
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"We see many opportunities with ZACEA Inc. This is why we agree to publish the flower in Iconika Weekly Magazine**."
-Iconika USA*

Scientific Background

Our scientist at ZACHEA INC* are always looking for new DNA Codes for new and original flowers. We stumbled upon our "GLO FLOWER"*. We cross pollinated spear-mints, roses, and a species of glowing plants that the company "Kickstarter" produced. You can make a herbal tea from the spear-mint to help with sore throats, cough, and minor headaches.

Grand Opening

Sunday, Feb. 7th, 8:15-10am

Northwest 7th Street

Fort Worth, TX

We will be handing out coupons for future visits.

Outstanding Prices

$19.49 per Bouquet
$1.99 ea.

Breaking Bounderies

ZACEA Inc. is breaking international boundaries by adding ZACEA UK, ZACEA Mexico, and ZACEA Columbia.