Rocky King discusses Better Training and Easing the Taxpayer Burden

Better Training
Training is key and is one of the most important parts to have an efficient, professional and hardworking department. Deputies, detectives, correctional officers and dispatchers must be kept aware of what tools criminals are using and how criminals are committing crimes. As technology advances so does the methods criminals use. How can personnel be expected to know what to do, unless they have been given the opportunity to learn how to complete the tasks at hand? We cannot be left behind because of poor or non existent training. I believe through greater training inside the department and applying of outside resources for training we will more effectively serve our citizens. I have the leadership and administrative skills with a proven track record of supervising and training officers.
Ease Taxpayer Burden
We must ease the burden on the taxpayer and still provide them the sheriff’s department they deserve. Having worked within a departmental budget for the last 16 years, I know first hand the struggles of providing the cost efficient department. It is hard to dig that ditch with a spoon when you need a backhoe. But there are ways to accomplish the task and that is to actively pursue grant funding. By doing so we can ease the taxpayer burden and provide the much needed equipment and technology updates for our personnel. There are grants available that will cover equipment, training and overtime. I have the knowledge of researching and utilizing grant funding opportunities and I am totally committed to maximizing the use of the tax dollar and deliver a top notch quality sheriff’s department that lives within its means.
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