A fun way to incorporate technology in the classroom!

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Creating a Kahoot

  1. Create a free Kahoot account at getkahoot.com
  2. Choose whatever you want to create! A quiz, discussion, or survey.
  3. Create a title for your kahoot and follow the steps on the screen.

Using Kahoot in the Clasroom

  1. Open your kahoot by logging into your account.
  2. Have students on computers or handheld devices enter the game pin that appears on the screen and enter their nickname.
  3. Students will select the colored block on their device that corresopnds to the correct answer on the teacher's display screen.
  4. Students get points for correct answers and answering quickly. The top five studetns will be on the leader board after each question.
  5. Students can give feedback at the end of the quiz that are generated into a summary that the teacher can view.
  6. An Excel spreadsheet of all results, including what wrong answers students selected is available to the teacher.

Additional Features

  • Quizes, surveys, and discussions all available
  • Social media sharing
  • Links available to send for students to play on their own or with another group
  • Public kahoots for anyone to play by searching key words
  • Topics range from cartoon characters to photosynthesis.