The Golden Gate Bridge

The Bridge of Beuaty

The Bridge of Gold

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge isn't gold,weird right.The golden gatebridge is actually a different colors,but they say gold to resemble its bueauty.The Golden GateBridge is a very long took a very long time to build and no one wanted to build it.

How did it look?

For the Golden Gate Bridge the first design was actually to small."History"But when they found the right design,at 4,200 feet it was double the size of any otherbridge."history"on the bridge there are to very large rectangulare shaped towers placed over the bridge.for the bridge to stay up,they blasted rocks 65 feet into the water to support earthquake proof."factfiction"
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It is a masterly example of engineering.The two beautiful art deco twerps 820 feet or 250 meters tall.the bridge official hue is not gold ,but an international orange."History"it is amonument set against a beautiful backdrop."GgbFacts"The idea of the Golden Gate Bridge started in 1869

Who Built It?

No engineer wanted to build it because of the money offer was too small.But Joseph Straus desides to take the job."history"The Golden Gate Bridge opened on May 27,1937.It was the biggest bridge ever built."Factfiction"


So look what you learned.There is a lot of things interesting about the Golden GateBridge.You learned that the bridge is not gold,and when it was built and also how big it.wowwhat luck.The bridge is very big and very high up from the sea.

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