Dancing Program

Hadar Shwartz & Shai Shoval

Advertising - Dancing program

  • we are advertising the school dancing program.
  • It is earth friendly because we don’t use electricity’ such as: the air conditioner ,we turn off the lights when we aren't in the studio. in addition to that, we don't buy a lot of costumes and accessorize to our shows and we re-use our outfits.
  • Our dancing project takes part in Rimon School in Raanana.
  • The girls dance few times a week and practice for their big show.
  • In addition to that, in the end of the year the girls have a big and impressive show!

· We have a lot of fun dancing in the program.

We think that many girls like us can enjoy it as much as we do.

Plus, don’t contaminating the environment!!

קליפ מגמת מחול חט"ב רימון- רעננה תשע"ב