President Obama Conspires NWO

By: Team America World Police

The Truth

Over twelve million Americans sincerely believe that Obama is a shape-shifting lizard person. Our team of analysts have conducted research and believe that most of the government, including Obama, Hilary Clinton, Donald J. Trump, and Bernie Sanders are reptilian oppressors. They meet up with other lizards around the world and plan to have one government that controls the world. This "New World Order" would have disastrous effects. Many people would have to emigrate to the land of Cthulhu, where even though it is dangerous, would be better than having any of the NWO officials controlling daily life. We have more evidence, and will try to share it with you if this page is not taken down.
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In this photo, you could see a secret service agent, returning for only a mere second, to his reptilian form. This proves that, yes, the government is evil reptiles that want to abolish the second amendment and have a world where everyone is forced to be equal with no entrepreneurship.
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This Baby Might Be A Lizard

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