Job Description:

Simpo is in search of a marketing manager to oversee marketing, advertising, and promotional staff and activities. They will be expected to evaluate customer satisfaction through research and statistical observation, work to market the company and products through advertisement, as well as research compeitior data and implement marketing plan changes when necessary.

Educational Requirements and Pay Scale:

Requirements include a bachelors degree in marketing or buissness administration, however a masters degree with extensive experience in marketing and advertising is preferable, yet not required. We also require at least five years prior experience in the marketing and or advertising field. The pay will begin at 75,000 a year, yet opportunities for pay increases are definately possible.

Job Opportunity!

Simpo offer various opportunities to move forward in the company, increasing in both pay and position; the company also offers various options internationally. We have offices located in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angele, Rome, and Berlin. If an employee shows the desire to move forward in the company, Simpo takes that very seriously. We offer the opportunity for higher positions in our Pittsburgh offices, as well as the others listed.