Feudalism project

Tha da aye


Political system of local government based on the granting of land in return for loyalty , military assistance, and other service.

Feudal Social Structure

middle ages as a time when larders and knight live in elegant castles. in the middle ages, simple structures made from earth and wood. later they were made from stone. castle were usually built on hills or other landforms that would prevent easy attack. A building called the " keep" was the main part of the castle, The keep was a strong tower that usually contained storerooms, workshops, and perhaps barracks and the lord's living quarters. young women from families of lesser ogles often went to live in the household of higher-ranking noblewomen.The most peasants called serfs could not leave the land without the lord's permission. Peasants were generally forbidden to hunt on the lord's they could rarely afford do to eat meat. Guilds group of people who did the same job because blacksmith's guild, baker's guild helped protect each other's stuff .