Media Center News

Winter 2016

New Books

Our media center was a recipient of additional money from the state this year to build our collection. We have put all of the new books out and students have been checking them out. If you request a book that we do not have in the media center, they are put on this list and ordered as money is available. Thanks for all your suggestions!
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I love kindergarten students at this point of the year! They are learning to be independent users of the computers and iPads and are quite knowledgeable. We have been working on beginning research skills using the topics polar bears and penguins. They have been introduced to PebbleGo and will become independent users of this wonderful resource this month. They were also introduced to the iPads and learned and applied the safety rules. We have been using the Crayola Paint and Create app to follow directions and respond to a story. This month they will be introduced to BookFlix and Tumblebooks and learn how to access them to find information. Our topics will be the "How Do Dinosaur" books, PebbleGo Dinosaurs, and the Presidents.

1st Grade

First grade has been quite busy this month researching polar animals. They were introduced to beginning note taking skills using PebbleGo. They also created a video about their animal using the ChatterKids app. They learned how to create a presentation with graphics and audio. February in the media center will include an introduction to the new Tumblebooks and creating an informational video using ChatterKids.

2nd Grade

Second graders were introduced to Biographies in January and researched Martin Luther King. They were quite excited to use their research to create a video about his life using the ChatterKids app. In February they will be learning how to use two devices (computer and iPad) at the same time to find information about Valentine's Day using the Crayola Paint and Create app. They will be taking notes on the information they obtain on Lincoln and Washington and use it to create a Time Line and Trading Card (both of these are apps).
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