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Cats better than dogs? NO WAY

My article

My article explains why dogs are better than cats. Do you want to know why? Read on to find out. If you dont agree read on to find out what you can argue about. Come on challenge me if you dare. I am going to show you the jobs that dogs can do, the showdown between cats and dogs, and tell you about some abilities that dogs have.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
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Even the all out genius mister Fama said so. Dogs are better than cats. Dogs can guard your house. They can find drugs. They can also find cell phones in jails. Don't forget that dogs help people with disabilities. Get this... They can sense high or low blood sugar in people with diabetes before it can get fatal. One dog saved a kid that way. Dogs can be used for cavader detection or any other kind of detection, any kind of search and rescue, police work like sniffing out drugs or finding crooks.

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I found on a Recent Associated press poll that more people like dogs than like cats. In a survey of just under 2000 people, 59% of who were pet owners (mostly of dogs or cats) 74% said they liked dogs “a lot” but only 41% said the same thing about cats. Only 2% said they didn't dogs “a lot”, but 15% feel that way about cats. So far, dogs... Are better!!!

Some people like dogs because of their companionship, others think cats are related to witchcraft.

The showdown

The stamina of the dog vs cat battle is a no brainer. Dogs have to run 1,100 mile races on ice while cats curl up for 80 percent of their day in repose

Back in the old days dogs and cats both had to do hard work. But after when the night went down cats curled up to sleep while the dogs had to stay up guarding herds and being a watch dog. Now cats like I said before spend 80 percent of the day in repose while dogs are used for jobs like I told you about in the jobs section. Dogs are a whole lot easier to train then cats too! Did you know that two Pomeranians survived the Titanic! Or that French bulldogs aren't even french? Dogs are much faster than house cats. Greyhounds can run easily up to 40mph. Dogs can even smell things better. Let's look at it from this perspective, the human nose has 5 to 8 million olfactory receptors thats good right? Then the cat has 45 million to 85 million olfactory receptors! But get this the dog has 149 million to 300 million olfactory receptors. We have horrible hears. Dogs are obviously smarter than cats too. Dogs can learn about 165 words. A cat can learn about 35 words. They also can be trained easily while cats... Not so easily.


Dogs are the bomb! They can skate better than me climb trees and a bunch of other things. They can run faster than most humans are gentle creatures by nature unless provoked or trained to hurt. If a dog catches something it lets it go. If a cat catches something it kills it. So you tell me. Do you want a furry freindly animal to play with, or a furry deadly killer stalking you and not giving you affection. Cats don't care about thier owners. They care about food.
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All in all dogs can entertain give you something to do and keep you fit. If you like little things that don't care about you even if you love them with all your heart get a cat. If you love things that love you care about you and have fun with you buy a dog. Although robbers don't know if your dog is just cute or cute and will stop at nothing to protect your house from people like him, they will probably assume your cat will run away and keep going into your house. Sure the cat might stop him but any decent robber (they are all bad people but some are good at there jobs) can get anything they want from your house that they want in that time.

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