Roller Derby

By UnbelEVIEble

What is it

Roller derby is a contact sport on roller skates. You have a pack consisting of 8 players 4 on each team who are called blockers, in the pack is one skater with a cover on their helmet with a stripe down the middle they are called the pivot their job is to help the jamer. The jamer is the player who is standing behind the pack they have a cover on their helmet with a star on it their job is to score the points the apposing team will try and stop the jamer from getting through the pack while also helping their jamer through you score points as soon as you pass their hips. you get as many points as hips passed. There are also some rules on where to block hit etc and we have referees who keep tabs on that if you do something wrong you are given a penalty which lasts for 30 seconds then you can go and skate again as soon as you have to many penalty's you are given an expulsion and can not skate with your team anymore well there we go a basic run down on roller derby tell you friends and go and join your nearest roller derby league most teams have Juniors ... :)