Ever wanted a drum that can talk?

Read this to learn why you should buy one and where you can!

Why buy a talking drum?

If you are looking to create a unique band, the Talking Drum would be a great option! This drum would allow you to immerse yourself in the African culture while playing a sick beat.

The Talking Drum is a very unique drum in which particular sounds may be produced to communicate with others, almost like the drum has the ability to talk.

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History of the Drum

The Talking Drum is an hourglass shaped drum that can be traced back to the Ashanti and Yoruba people of Ghana and Nigeria.

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The Talking Drum has been known to symbolize the power of a political leader and drummers have held considerable status in society.

These kinds of drums have been linked to “ogun”, or spiritual beings associated with Yoruba beliefs in Nigeria and Ghana.

This drum is guaranteed to be a great addition to your band!

Construction of the Instrument

The drum is constructed from wood, skins, and leather cords. Skins are stretched over the ends of drums and are held in place by cords. The drum’s body is constructed from wood and the heads are made from hide which wrap around a wooden hoop. Leather cords are wrapped around the hoops and run the length of the drum’s body.
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Other West African Music

Vocal music was important in all West African cultures, including solo and choral music. Instrumental and vocal parts were organized in cycles, layered on top of eachother. Chordophones that were used include one-string fiddles, ngoni, and koras. Examples of aerophones used include trumpets, end-blown flutes, and algaita and double-reed wind instruments. Percussion instruments used included finger-pianos, bala xylophones, and gankogui bells.

Influence of the Griot

Jelli means blood. Without blood, we as humans would not survive. The griot or jelli is the blood of Africa. Without these people, the continent of Africa would not survive. They play many roles in society, and without them, African society would not be able to function. The griot or jelli helped to preserve West African history by learning, memorizing, and performing sung stories about past and current events. Griots practiced oral tradition, in which they passed along information by storytelling and by the word of mouth.
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You can find a talking drum at the link below:

How does the Drum talk?

The talking drum provides three sounds: tone, slap,and base. Each sound produced by the drum has it’s own vocabulary. The tone sound represents the P or T, the slap sound represents Pa or Ka, and the base sound represents oon or goon. When the sounds are put together, you can create words. The drums also produce beats that may be recognized individually with specific meanings. If you are able to understand the drum language, you are able to interpret the meanings of the beats played on the drums. The talking drum may be used as a form of communication in which people are able to converse with one another and pass information on.