Top 10 Skills for High School

Top 10 skills to be successful in High School


On average, freshman who miss more than two weeks of school, flunk, even if they are a straight A student.


Good note taking is critical because in most classes, you'll be expected to take notes. In general, you should take them because you can study off of them and reflect back to them during class discussions. Also, taking notes will help you remember the information better.

Time Management

This means organizing your life. Home life, school and extracurricular activities are just three examples. You need to have some type of organization where you can manage your time where you can still excel in school, spend time with family and still do things you enjoy.

Brain Foods

Eating a healthy diet will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will also help you work better in school. Eating a good breakfast will also help boost your metabolism. This will help keep you awake and focused in the mornings.

Completing Assignments

Finishing your homework and turning it in on time is a big thing. Homework is a big part of your grade and if you don't finish it or turn it in, then your grade will be affected.


Concentration is important for school so that you can get your work done. You should pay attention in class so you can understand what you are doing.

Getting Enough Sleep

You should have at least 8-9 hours of sleep per night, this will help you focus during school so you are not sleep deprived. You will be more energized and willing to do work if you get enough sleep.

Physical Activities

Being physically active is proven to help you do better in school. Being active in a school sport will also look good in a college application. This shows that you are a well rounded student.


You should set your own personal goals to help you succeed in school. They will also help you succeed in life. Setting goals in life will make you have something to work towards.

Motivation and Determination

Being motivated is one of the most important things because if you have no motivation, you are not going to end up doing anything. Motivation will help you progress in life.