Individual Interaction Project

Adam Kuxhausen

Friend: Logan Lynch

Proximity- One of my closest friends

Reward Value- Friendship, popularity, and share information on things that we share in common

Physical Appearance- Handsome

Approval- I look it by him when I buy things or do things sometimes

Complimentary & Exposure- He compliments clothing or skills. And exposes nothing serious always just jokes

First Impressions

The way I make first impressions is I'll try to be funny, and find things that I may share in common with that person. I usually make the best friends with who I share the most in common. I do it because that let's me know who they are and they know me. And I categorize my friends into 2 groups which are who I hangout with outside of school, and friends I just see in school.

My Stereotypes

A stereotype I can admit too is I'm a "trouble making teen", when I'm with my friends we mess around a lot. When out with friends I might get loud or ignorant.

General Identity

Interviewing brother:

How do you feel about the Confederate Flag?

They need to finally destroy all of them, it's the dumbest thing ever.

What should America do about ISIS?

Bomb them and finish them off for good, duh.

What should America do about our dept?

Nothing, we're still in control as the world power.

Personally I disagree with all of his statements back. We share a lot of thoughts usually but these 3 hot button topics are what make us disagree. And we we're raised with different dads so we may have been tough different.