The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry by: Lydia Mercado

About The Giver

I think The Giver is a great fiction book because you feel like you are in the book when you are reading it. The main character is named Jonas and when everyone in there community turns 12 they all get there assignment. Jonas's assignment is "Dream Keeper", when you are dream keeper people tell you there dreams and you keep them. Jonas is my favorite character because he is nice and always willing to try new things, but When Jonas's training is over and it is time to go out by himself will he be ready? My favorite part is when Jonas gets chosen to be dream keeper because it was just such a special moment for him and a assignment that not a lot of people get. I think this book is great and alot of people should read it, some reviews that people have said are " a richly procative novel."- kirkus reviews, "the theme of balancing the values of freedom and security is beautifully presented."-Horn book. Is Jonas really strong enough to take this assignment on?


peoples thoughts on the book, "A tale fit for the most adventures readers"-publishers weekly.


Louis Lowry wrote the giver because of her late fathers illness.


I think the giver is a really good book that you can relate to because you have been in situations where you have had to try something new even when you were scared.