Welcome to cobra island

Grant Houde and Riley Patterson

Welcome to the country of

The size of the country is a medium sized island with plains, valleys, pacific ocean, forest, and a beach. are country has a population of about 10 million people. the most common language is english is english. But in school you can learn spanish, french, and latin. But you can learn Spanish, french, Arabian, Chinese, Japanese, and english. Every kid is requiered to have an education or go to school until the age of 16. women at the age of 19 are demanded to be in the military for one year. Also men at the age of 18 are demanded to be in the military for 2 years. But if you want a free colledge education then you have to go for 5 years. despite gender. You can have free health care if you are over the age of 65 and been to the military for the years your required. But we won't give you anything else. You have to work for it. the retirement age is 65. the tax rate is 20% of your makings.

six freedoms

1. speak freely

2. right to buy fire arms with permit

3.choose the job you want

4.vote at the age of 18

5.run for president if citizen

6. have full rights if citizens

Four things that are illeagal

  1. Drugs

  2. Murder is illegal.

  3. Theft/Stealing are illegal.

  1. Kids under 14 can not have jobs. Unless supervised by a parent.

Type of government

We chose representative democracy so the citizens could elected who they want and think who could run cobra the best. We didn't choose the other ones because we wanted our citizens to have the country ran the way they wanted by who they wanted too.

System of government

Federal is the best system of government because the power would be layered among the government and the citizens. We didn't choose the other systems of government because we wanted our government and citizens to have and share the power.

Type of economy


Cobra island has a modified version of capitalism. people work for there own stuff and the government takes little place in it to make laws. We picked capitalism over socialism and communism because the citizens can chose what they what job they want, school they go to, etc. and the government has little part in it only to enforce laws and to keep the citizens to know their limits to what they do. Also, socialism and communism don’t apply that way of economy.

Fun stuff to do in the country of Cobra Island

waves to surf amusement parks

Sports (golf, boating, fishing, baseball, football, and skate parks)