Unit 2 Vocab

Joseph Santillano Period 6

laissez faire

when the government doesn't bother buisenessmen. no govermwnt enforeced protection

social darwinsim

a social theory that adapts Charles darwins natural select idea and applies it to society. this justifies the imbalance of of power between race, class nations


dark, small, crowed family apppartments holdeing about 10 people for the working class

thomas edison

a famous inventor in the late 1800s. his most famous invention is the first lasting light bulb

john d rockerfeller

a man who owned 95% of the oil companies in all of America. he was monopolizing to become the richest man

ellis island

a island in new York that would be the first step for immigrants to go through to get into America. a long process with health checks and questions


an anti-immigration group of native born people wanting to limit immigrantion. felt that immigrants were taking American jobs

ethnic enclaves

most immigrants lived in cities separated by ethnic groups giving the feel, language, religion and comfort of their hometowns

samuel gompers

founder of the American federation of labor. AFL helped unions become accepted

andrew carnegie

mastered the steel energy. constantly invested money in different corrperations

robber baron

a buisenessmen who uses ruthless business tatics. most abused the law, mistreated their worers, and bribed government officials


immigrant children were being taught English and American culture. it was to have American culture dominate their ethnic culture

social gospel movement

religous people strived to improve working conditions in the cities according to ideas from the bible

american industrial revloution

the period after the civil war when new inventions and urban cities were a rising

jp morgan

a powerful banker. buys Andrew Carnegie steel company and gets involved to general electric

gilded age

mark twains interpretation of the industrial revolution. meaning it looks good on the outside but is bad on the inside

horizontal intergration

when a company takes buys any competitor buisnesses so it gets all the money and becomes a monopoly

vertical integration

when a company owns all of the different businesses and production and delivery services instead of paying other services to do it for them. this makes sure that all money goes to that company

american industrial revloution

the period after the civil war when new inventions and urban cities were a rising

cornelius vanderbilt

a self made millionaire industrializing the railroads and steamships

interstate commerce commission

the icc cancled the monopoly on railroads and made transportation affordable


a monopoly of companies together

populist party

farmers wanting to increase their political power. wanting income taxes

william tweed

leader of tammany hall whivh was a political machine

henry ford

invented the assembly line which made the factories quicker and more workers. he also made the first car that was affordable to middle class

gospel of wealth

carnegies idea that people with a lot of money should donate it

upton sinclair

a famous author who was a muckraker

sherman anti-trust act

stopping monopolies and trust

theodore roosevelt

26th president of the united states. he enforced the progressive era

political machienes

people provided service to poor people or immigrants but only if they voted for them


when the government step in and stop lassiez faire. started when theodore roosevelt was elected

jacob riis

a "muckraking" journalist

william taft

27th president during the progressive era

16th amendment

the start of income

17th amendment

direct senator elections

meat inspection act

a rule that all meat products sold as food must be sanitarialy safe

childrens bureau

an act passed protection children from child labor


a term during the progressive era used by journalist

18th amendment

banning alcohol

19th amendment

women are allowed to vote