America's Bread Basket


You should live in the state of Missouri because the land looks great. The northern half of Missouri is mostly flat. North of the Missouri River is great farming.


The southern half of Missouri is part of an area called the Ozark plateau. The economy is cool. There are more then 107,000 farms in the state of Missouri. You could get a good farming job or you could make your own farm and make a lot of big bucks! The agriculture has been importing for years. Soy beans, corn, wheat, and rice are very important crops that are grown in Missouri and shipped out to other places. Many farmers grow hay. Missouri manufactures many things like planes, cars, and space gear. You could get a good gob. About 285,000 workers are employed in manufacturing jobs.


That is just few of the many great things in Missouri. Here are some more fun things about Missouri.

The culture is great because They watch frog jumping competitions while they enjoy food. You should come here, they have wonderful food. Each October people have fun with their German heritage by celebrating Octoberfest, where they eat lots of German food such as bratwurst. There’s a Japanese Festival in August, in St. Louis. There are a lot of drummers at the Japanese Festival. Would you like to have festivals all year around? You can I,ll go here because they have a bunch of festivals

Fun facts

There are a lot of fun facts but ill only tell you about a few! The largest city in Missouri is Kansas. Missouri covers 69,709 square miles. It is the 21st largest state. 5,438,500 people live in Missouri. Missouri became the 24th state on the date of August 10, 1821.

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