Occupy Wall Street

By: Molrakot Ounnarath

The Beginnings of the Wall Street Protest

  • The protest started in September 2011
  • The events that led up to this was when the banks closed and the govt spent millions of dollars to help them out to keep them open
  • They believe that the political and economic system favored the "1%"

The Protest

  • Many people in the protest protested with signs and rallying cry's like "WE ARE THE 99%" and others.
  • The protest mainly took place at the "center of U.S Wealth" AKA "wall Street
  • It quickly spread around the world and other cities like Rome, London, and Paris
  • On October 1 2011 they blocked traffic on the Brooklyn bridge during rush hour

Effects of the Protest

  • October/1/ 2011 700 people were arrested during there march on the Brooklyn bridge
  • Nothing really changed
  • It started a movement that can still be seen today all around the world
  • It later becomes a huge topic in presidential debates
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