Lewis & Clark

By: Lindon Curley

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Seaman (Dog)

  • Lewis & Clark purchased a dog named Seaman for $20 before the expedition started. He was very helpful for ex. he saved they people from a Bear roaming around them. He also was used for his nose to find more species.


  • During the expedition Lewis, clark, and his people found over 200 plants and 200 animals. They discovered these animals and plants from the help of Sacagawea.

Missouri River (Origin)

  • They started the expedition in St. Louis on the MO River. They started the journey in 1803 May 14. It took Lewis & Clark 3 years to finish their expedition.


  • During the expedition they faced everything you could imagine. Hot summer days working non stop. When the winter got started they got wet and cold when the temperatures reached the negatives in the night. When they made it to the ocean it didn't stop raining for ever. They also had to face winter storms and high winds.


During the expedition Lewis & Clark used there weapons for food and protection. Muskets came in handy for them when they came face to face with Native American tribes and dangerous animals. For example a brown Bear. On the way they also came up on Bows that the Native Americans left behind.


During the expedition they ran into helpful and dangerous tribes. The ones they ran into during the expedition are the following tribes. Osage, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, and Mandan. Not all of them were nice but with the help of sacagawea she could talk to the tribes and pursuade them that we they are good.

Fort Mandan

During the expedition winters were harsh conditions. And with no shelter they get lucky enough to run into a tribe names Mandan. They were very helpful letting Lewis & Clark stay there for the winter. During there time at Fort Mandan the tribe gave them shelter, food, supplies, and anything they thought would be helpful. After the harsh winter was over the tribe taught them how to carve boats for a long trip down the MO River.

Trade Items

During the expedition they needed supplies they did not have. So the only thing they could do was to trade with fellow Native American Tribes. During the time they traded food for horses, weapons for food, and supplies for canoes. If sacagewea was not with them during the long journey they wouldnt have made it without her translations. She talked to the tribes pursuading them to trade with us.

Fort Clatsop

During the long expedition Lewis & Clark ran into a Indian Tribe. They stayed with them for more than 3 months trading foods and learning new stuff. During there time there they ate more than 100 Elk and 20 Deer. During the 3 months they also learned a lot of stuff from the Indians, for example the lay of the land, the animals, and plants.

Kaw Point KS

While Lewis & Clark and 46 men, 4 horses, and 1 dog traveled the MO river they had to stop where the MO river and the KS river meet. The reason they stopped was to clean their boats up, rest, and look at the surrounding land. They stayed there for 3 days resting and preparing for there long journey ahead.