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September 18th

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Tell a story using Google Earth! Carter Thomas came up with a fantastic idea for her students to create a virtual field trip. Through Tour Builder, students can create a tour of any subject of their choosing, zooming in to show the places where the events took place, and integrate text, photos, and videos. To access Tour Builder, a student needs a Google account and Google Earth. We are fortunate that our county has provided both! This is extremely easy and engaging for the students. Please take a minute to look at the two examples I provided. If you are using Chrome to view the tour, make sure you enable your pop up blocker. Please let me know if you need any help or would like to plan a lesson.

Student example of the Cold War

Teacher example of the American Revolution

Click here for a tutorial.

Tutorial Provided by Carter Thomas

Begin your tour!

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Be Creative! Make your images come alive with video, text, music, and more. Every image contains a story, and Thinglink helps you tell your stories. Thinglink interactive images helps students develop 21st century skills. Teachers can use Thinglink to bring their lessons alive and more engaging for the learner. Start your Thinglink by clicking here.

Three Branches of Government

3-D Geometry

Layers of the Earth

Human Cell

Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Forest Food Chain

Settles Bridge Elementary

Liz Pfister

Instructional Technology Specialist