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An Update from Station Middle School

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Station Roadmap to Reopening Question Session

Monday, July 20th, 1:30-2:30pm

This is an online event.

Please join Jim Aalfs, Station principal, to go over the Roadmap to Reopening plan. In order to prepare for the meeting, please click here to submit any questions ahead of time.

Click here to join the zoom call. Meeting ID: 859 3595 3946

Station Campus- Roadmap to Reopening

At the July 14, 2020 Board meeting, Dr. Harris presented the framework for the district's Roadmap to Reopening for the 2020-2021 school year. As long as Illinois remains in Phase 4, families will have TWO OPTIONS to choose from for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. If you have multiple middle school students, you can choose a different option for each child. The first day of school for the Middle Schools is Thursday, August 20, 2020. Some Middle School specific details are highlighted in this newsletter.


  • Eight period days starting at 8:52AM and ending at 3:40PM.
  • Face coverings required for students and staff.
  • Gatherings limited to 50 people.
  • Hallways and stairwells designated one-way to aid in social distancing.
  • Classes held in wings by grade level to minimize contact.
  • Symptom self screening before school.
  • Increased school wide cleaning and disinfecting.

Guidance for Classrooms

  • Maximize social distancing within classroom spaces. It is recommended teachers provide assigned seating for students and require students to remain in these seats to the greatest extent possible.

  • Stagger transition times and review schedules.

  • Encourage hand washing throughout the day.

  • Schedule/coordinate activities by grade level to minimize student mixing.

  • Refrain from sharing school supplies between students or staff.

Guidance for Common Areas

  • Cafeterias

    • Maintain six feet physical distancing when possible.

    • Follow the meal procedure.

    • Clean cafeteria between uses.

    • Clearly mark areas to indicate safe distancing for students.

    • Require staff and student face coverings (when not eating).

  • Restrooms

    • Maintain six feet physical distancing.

    • Require face coverings for staff and students.

    • Clearly mark areas to indicate safe distancing for students.

    • Display clearly visible signage reminding everyone of physical distancing and face coverings.

    • Clean high-touch areas throughout the day.

    • Assign restrooms to student groups when possible.

  • Hallways, Main Office, and Other Common Areas

    • Maintain six feet physical distancing when possible.

    • Require face coverings for staff and students.

    • Hallways clearly marked to indicate safe distancing for students.

    • Hallways and stairwells are marked for one way traffic only to allow for social distancing.

    • Restrict students to specific areas as identified by the building principal.

    • Clean high-touch areas throughout the day.

  • District provided Transportation

    • All individuals on a bus must wear a face covering and social distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.

    • Student must undergo symptom and temperature checks before boarding the bus.

    • Drivers will wear the approved PPE and undergo symptom checks.

    • Seats and high-touch areas will be sanitized between routes.


Please complete the survey in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal (Message Center, Survey tab) to select this option. Online learning option is for the entire first semester.

  • Daily participation by students is required in each class. Attendance will be recorded.
  • Teachers will post a weekly schedule of learning activities, due dates, and expectations/outcomes.
  • Similar to the regular school year, students may be required to complete homework beyond the scheduled class periods.
  • Timely completion of work and make-up work will be required.
  • Grades will reflect students' attainment of skills and knowledge.
  • See the complete plan here.
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