Ms. Sizemore's Class News

Friday, November 13

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, November 13: Poetry Cafe at 2:30
  • Wednesday, November 18: School-wide Holiday Meal ($5.00 for guests.)
  • Wednesday, November 18: Science Night at Hillcrest 6:00 to 7:30
  • Thursday, November 19: Health Fair; Ms. Sizemore gone in the afternoon for training.
  • Friday, November 20: Poetry Cafe at 2:30
  • Tuesday, November 24: Field Trip to Pack Library
  • Wednesday, Nov. 25- Friday, Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Holiday (No school for students.)
  • Thursday, December 10: Field Trip to Nutcracker Performance
  • Thursday, December 17: Schoolwide Holiday Program

What We Are Learning...

In math, we started learning about multiplication. Students will use repeated addition, skip counting and arrays to solve multiplication problems. Students created their own multiplication riddles and they are posted on the bulletin board outside our classroom. As the year continues, students will be able to apply what they are learning about multiplication to division. In science, we are wrapping up our study of bones and skeletons. Students will work in small groups to dissect an owl pellet and examine its contents to determine which animal was digested. It is a little gross, but the kids are excited about it. They will compare and contrast some of the bones they find to human bones. Next week, we will begin focusing on local government to help us understand how communities solve problems. This idea will also be supported when we learn about the pilgrims, their journey across the Atlantic and their early years in the New World. Eventually, students will write letters to members of city council about an issue they feel is important.

Multiplication Riddles

Decorating Sugar Skulls With Senior Fields

Field Trip to Pack Library

Because we are regular patrons of Pack Library, we have been invited to visit the NC Collection Room and analyze some artifacts. We are already scheduled to go to Pack Library Tuesday, November 24, but will leave school at 12:15, in order to fit this in and still check out books. If you can chaperon this trip, please let me know.

Picture Book Poster Challenge

Ms, Crystal is bringing back the Picture Book Poster Challenge. Participating classes are encouraged to read as many picture books as they can in one week. Students will bring home a special recording sheet and begin logging their picture books over the weekend. These can be books they read on their own or books that you read to them. We will also be making book review videos of our favorite picture books.


I cannot believe 2015 will be winding down soon. There are many gaps in the snack calendar for 2016. Here is the link, in case you did not get to sign up earlier in the year or want to volunteer for an additional week. (A few families can even sign up for the same week.) We are the first kids to go to lunch, so providing a light afternoon snack will ensure students are satisfied until they get home. Thanks for your help!

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found will be donated to Eblen charities on Friday the 20th. Please check it before it all disappears!


From now until next Wednesday (11/18), our school is running our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive! Please consider contributing both monetarily - which goes towards the purchase of turkey certificates - and food items for our Isaac Dickson families who may not be able to have Thanksgiving dinner because of stressed budgets. Every little bit counts. We have had very successful drives in the past, but you can help us to make this the best one yet! For food donations (cans and perishables are most needed!), drop them by the front office of the school. For monetary donations, talk to the students with the turkeys or Ms. Smitka's 5th grade class!

Donations Needed for Science Night!

Next Wednesday on 11/18, from 6-7:30, we are having a Science Night at Hillcrest Community Center! All Dickson students are invited to come. There's going to be a fun eco-knowledge-based science activity, free food and drinks and a raffle! For the activities, we are looking for donations of anything from potting soil to gravel to plants, but most importantly empty 2-liter bottles! We are using those as the bases for our project, and as such are the most needed, but also the cheapest material! Contact Jordan Kadrie at (828) 350-6851 with any questions or to find out how to drop off donations! (And, for the 2L bottles, we have a couple of bins out front of the main doors!)


  • Thanks to Isaiah's family and Cassie's family for providing snacks the past few weeks.
  • Thanks for Amanda (Myles' mom) and Kelly (Alastair's mom) for walking with us to Pack Library.