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August 9, 2019

Fabulous First Week

Great job to everyone for your work this week. This was an excellent opening--If I do say so myself--but many of you told me that you thought it was a great opening too. This kind of opening does not happen by accident. Thank you for the planning and thought that you put into this week. Thank you for spending your lunch with students to show them what is expected in the cafeteria.. Teaching and reinforcing expectations and procedures for your classroom was time well spent this week. Building the foundation of strong relationships with children was evident throughout the building. We truly are the best place in town and the start to this year exemplified our commitment to our kids and our community. Thank you for all that you have started this week to get on the path for a fantastic year.

PLC On Tuesday

We will have our first PLC meeting on Tuesday. We will not separate by content for this meeting so plan to all meet together. The focus of the first meeting will be to discuss the chapter that I sent you in our first buzz of the year. You will also find it in the folder titled "Standards Work" in the shared Lincoln folder. I will try to send you discussion questions in advance (Sunday or Monday)

A Moment from Marsha

As a reminder , please keep your migrant forms until after parent teacher conferences. The reason for this is we need to make two attempts to get them completed beyond when we pass the out to families. We would like to use the open house on the 22nd as the first attempt and then parent/teacher conferences as the second. Please keep track of these attempts if it is necessary because they are not completed when they are first given out. If after these two attempts the form is not completed, we have done our due diligence to get it completed and can stop further attempts to get it completed. If you have any questions, please see Marsha.

Fire Drill

We will have our first fire drill next Thursday morning. Please take time to show your student what to do, where to go, and what our expectations are here at Lincoln for students during a fire drill. The drill is on the master calendar.

Happy Accidents

We have discovered that we think we are the only school in the district who received Social Studies Weekly. Our district is not using them as we move forward, but from a 6 year old contract, we apparently had issues that we had already paid for and were sent our way to finish out that old contract. This a reading resource for us, but it is not part of the current adoption. Many of you have separated these text already and have them ready to use. Before you go back to how we have used them in the past, we need to remember that they are not the main vehicle of our SS lessons for students. Using them as a supplement, or an opportunity for students to read non fiction for 20 min would be a great way to use them. Please do not plan whole group lessons around this text or focus small group work around it either unless it is targeted, using part of the issue, and has direct implication to the skill/content that is part of the taught standard. If you have questions please ask Shasta or Suzanne

Emily will be coming on the 14th.

Next week please plan to meet during par of your planning with Shasta and Emily. We received a lot of resources at the end of the school year last year and we want to make sure you know what they are and where to get them. I realize that this is two plannings in a row, but Emily thinks that what she and Shasta have to share will not take the whole planning and that is why we chose this day. We didn't want to get too far into the school year and not have you all aware of these resources. We will let you know next were were to meet them for their meeting.


Please make sure that you have put your club information in the google sheet. We will finalize things and discuss logistics at Monday's faculty meeting. Currently we have several teachers who have not signed up for a club. For us to accomidate over 400 students everyone must be part of a club and we need to have clubs that accomidate high numbers (not less than a typical class size.), If you have a room that does not have desks/needs more desks you can use another teacher's room or we'll find another space for you for the club time. If you have not put in a club on our info sheet located in the shared Lincoln drive in the "Clubs" folder, please add your information by Saturday afternoon. Thanks.

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