“It’s not about the nail”

It's Not About The Nail

Voice and Persona Exercise

As highlighted in Ch. 25, Voice and Persona can be important elements of a poem. We often (sometimes mistakenly so) identify the poet as the speaker in the poem. It is a natural conclusion to make.

In this activity, we will try to get beyond that assumption by creating a persona with a voice a based on a comedic dialogue between two actors representing a couple. The dialogue represents a common theme across literature in a dramatic, visual format

Each group will create a persona for a character in the scene. Male groups with create a female persona and vice versa. After the group, has decided on a persona they will create a poem in that person’s voice. The subject of the poem can be a missed phone call/text, a one-night stand, a breakup, or an attempted hook-up. I will pair one male group with one female group for subject purposes but each group will work independently. The only basic rule is the poem must be at least ten lines. You may make it serious or satirical such as the skit itself.

While I am not assessing the quality of your poem, we will be analyzing the nature of your poem. After sharing a few aloud, we will exchange them in order to look at other typical poetic qualities like tone, rhyme, imagery, theme, etc. as a mini-analysis. Furthermore, we will look at the requirements of each genre and how you adapted your representation of the theme based on the genre. For example, what can a video do that a poem cannot do to represent the symbol of this issue?