Propaganda In Advertising

By: Justice Buford

Celebrity Endorsement

In a celebrity endorsement advertisement, the company gets famous and well known celebrities to represent their products. The celebrity will give a speech about why they like the product or try the product and pretend to like it. In the ads below, famous celebrities are representing products such as Nike and Pepsi.

Snob Appeal

The snob appeal tries to persuade consumers to buy their products by persuading them that using the product will make them feel elitist. Companies try to make customers think that if they use this product, they can become just as pretty or muscular as the models. In the ad below, Gucci is insinuating that customers that use this particular perfume, can become this beautiful and attractive woman.
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One major propaganda technique is humor. Advertisements use humor to make you laugh and remember their funny commercial. Later on, when you're at the store, you will remember that funny ad and you will want to buy their product. In the ad below, Pepsi is showing that straws only like Pepsi and are trying to stay away from Coke. This ad is funny and it makes people think Pepsi is the better drink.
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In a testimonial ad, customers or celebrities make a speech about how the product has helped them and how it has made a difference in their lives. In the ad below, an owner of a Panera Bread restaurant tell us why we should use California Bank and how it helped him manage his finances.
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Science and Statistics

In an science and statistic advertisement, the company uses science and stats to tell you why you should use this product. An example of this is when Crest says it is recommended by 4 out 5 dentists. In the ad below, Trident is saying the same thing about their gum and how it is healthy for your teeth.
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Fear and Insecurities

This type of advertisement draws on your fears of not being safe or not being good at something. In the ad below, it states that when you are gone, burglars are going to try to break into your house. You want to protect your kids and your items, so you are persuaded into buying the alarm system.
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