By: Jessica Slezak

"The Bear and the Vulture"

One day, a regular day in the jungle there was a vulture and a harmless bear. The vulture was sitting on a high branch way above the ground. As the bear was wondering about, the vulture yelled, " hey bear, up here!" the bear looked up and stretched his eyes.

"Wow, said the bear, your really high!" "yep, can you do this?" The vulture spread his wings and showed off all his colors! The bear lifted up his arms and looked for marvelous colors, but, just brown, and more brown.

"ha, ha, ha, the vulture laughed, all you have is an ugly brown!" The bear looked away and sighed. "Also, can you do this?" The vulture took a jump and flew around, through the trees, and back to the branch. The bear sighed again feeling humiliated. As the vulture went fluffing and fixing his wings the bear yelled up.

"Hey Vulture!" "what? I'm trying to fix my wings!" "Can you do this?" the bear pulled out 3 coconuts and started juggling them, he juggled them, over is head, under his head, and even did a spin. To end the act he did a cartwheel then posed. the vulture was so speechless he fell of his branch and landed like a pancake. He looked up and shook his head. "that's what I thought" said the bear, and walked off.