Reflection about the Unit

Ultimately, I believe that the coarse of quadratics was very interesting to work with. After finishing quadratics I have realized all the units are connected in some way or another. For example, Factored form connects to graph this is because when factoring a standard form equation, you are able to find the x- intercepts of the parabola which in turn will get you one step closer to graphing the equation. To add on, all three forms give you key information that you will need to plot a parabola. Furthermore, factored form connects to standard form, this is because both of them are practically the same however the standard form now has x- intercepts, they also connect because you can get from factored form to standard form by expanding the equation, and the same thing for standard form you can factor the equation to get the factored form. All in all, quadratics was overall an enjoyable experience and with this knowledge I will become successful in the future.


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