Weekly Launch

November 26-30


We have 20 days until Winter Break! These days will be busy with all the holiday activities. Please continue to hold your students to high expectations for classroom behavior. Spend some time making positive phone calls or emails home, giving character shout-outs, holding class meetings daily and keeping students engaged in their learning. Let's make these 20 days amazing!

Important Dates

November 26-

Watch D.O.G-Douglas Hayes-Young

November 27-Buckels off campus a.m.

Dreambox Webinar

PBIS meeting-3:30

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Jain-Nikhil-Kramer-PE

November 28-AMC Combinations 2nd grade opens

Faculty Meeting-Snacks-2nd grade, Shareout-Kinder

SBG chat-4th grade

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Hebert-Angelika(Bionat)Zander(Tanigawa)-

November 29-TRRFCC

Sweeney off campus a.m.

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Godkin-Corynn-Smith-PE

November 30-Kinder BAS due in AWARE

Buckels off campus a.m.

Watch D.O.G.-Mr. Murray-Isla-Radler-ART

Character Corner

Word of the Week-cooperation

Word of the Month-Citizenship

Morning Announcements-Chancey

Big picture

Word of the Week-Flexible