Plate Tectonic Theories

Brooke Harold

Continental Drift

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    I do not believe in Continental Drift because most of the 'evidence' given could also be considered an accident. Such as the theory of similar mountain structures being found on different continents. The only evidence provided was that the rock layers kind of looked that same. Then the glacial deposits in ares they shouldn't be, this can be disproven when you think of pieces of glaciers being drifted about by waves in the ocean.

Seafloor Spreading

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I believe in Seafloor Spreading because all evidence given can be scientifically backed up by the underwater ridges, the purpose for the subduction zone, the findings of old rocks and new rocks only a few feet away from each other, and the magnetic pole reversals.

Plate Tectonics

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I believe the plate tectonics because it leads into many plausible theories as to how volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters occur. This theory also explains how certain boundaries move again each other and how trenches and valleys are created.