The Whipping Boy

Book .VS. Movie

Think about the one if the main settings in the book.In what ways it different in the movie than how you had imagend it?

In the book is was foggy and in the movie it wasn't because if i was foggy in the movie we wouldnt be able to see (when they ran away)

Now think about the main cgaractor.How was he different than you had imagined?

Prince brat is meaner in the book that in the movie and very winy

Think of a character or part of the book that was NOT in the movie

  • Blind George
  • Queen grandma
  • Jemmy sister

Do you think the people who made the movie did a good job of portraying the book?

They did a very good job with the movie

Why or why not

They made the movie entreting because they added more thing to the movie than the book

which did you enjoymore,the book or movie??

  • litzi -i liked the movie better cause i could see what was going on
  • morgan -i liked the movie better

The Whipping Boy

The Whipping Boy Summar,

A young boy named Jemmy, was poorly the whipping boy. He stayed in the castle and a prince, called "Horace" aka "Prince Brat." Until a day when Prince Brat went to Jemmy's dorm and told him that he wanted to runaway with him. That was one of Jemmy's awkward moments. He did not know what was happening. Once they had got out of the castle, they went for a couple of minutes, until they met two persons, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater. Jemmy knew that they were cuthroats. Prince Brat and Jemmy wanted to run but, then they already caught them. They went to a hut until, Prince Brat shouted out that he was hungry. H.Y.N.Billy fetched some food. He didn't want it, so he wanted to grab the wicket basket on the table. Cutwater beat him to it, he didn't even get a touch. Cutwater looked through the wicket basket and he said that H.Y.N.Billy and him will eat like kings. He still searched through the basket until he had found a golden crown. Prince Brat and Jemmy needed to find away to get out of this hut.

Jemmy had a wonderful plan and it actually worked they had gone out of the hut. They ran while Cutwater and H.Y.N.Billy was behind them. They were still in the forest. Cutwater and H.Y.N.Billy, until Jemmy ran into a bear. He hid behind a tree that had fallen down, and squished himself in the hole. Once Cutwater and H.Y.N.Billy were gone. They were finally free, they trotted on without talking. Things seem to be changing pretty slowly. They met this girl and a bear, the bear's name was "Petunia" "The owner was "Betsy" Jemmy asked her if she knew where the river was, she said yes. Betsy wanted to know where her pet was, Petunia. As Jemmy pointed, he was shocked, "Where's the river?" he said Once Betsy vanished out o sight, Jemmy traveled on with Prince Brat. They met a potato man, Captain Nips. He was riding on a horse, and there was something like a barrel. Jemmy got inside. As the horse went, Prince brat was not on. Jemmy waited for awhile, until Jemmy told the Captain to stop. He said to him that he left is friend behind. Once Prince Brat had gone on , they traveled in silence. Once the coach stopped, H.Y.N.Billy was outside shouting to Captain Nips. Cutwater said to Capt that if he was carrying passengers. H.Y.N.Billy saw the Prince, the Prince said to him that he ad swam the river. Cutwater got the whip out of Capt hands, Cutwater was holding the ankles of Prince Brat.

'Whap!" Billy hit prince on the back. Till Petunia came to the rescue, he scared Billy away and so did Cutwater. Jemmy and Prince reached the fair, they had some stuff. Again over the crowed Jemmy saw Cutwater. Jemmy warned Brat that they should run, they headed to a cave. Cutwater caught sight he tried to get both of them. Jemmy and Prince Brat ran inside a cave and hid there. Till he heard someone's voice, that really sounded familiar to him. He thought it was Ol'Johnny Tosher, and sure enough it was. Cutwater and H.Y.N.Billy was inside the cave Tosher, was holding a candle, Jemmy grabbed it and threw to the water. The cave was pitch black. The cuthroats were about to get them till suddnely Jemmy broke the Rat-Cage, rats came pouring out. Those made Cutwater and H.Y.N.Billy runaway. Jemmy and Prince Brat got out. They headed toward the castle, he met the king and Prince Brat had whips, and the king said to him that if he was ever going to runaway, he wanted to go too.

The Whipping Boy(TV)(1995)