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February 2017: We love our Volunteers, Campers, & Families!

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Donate to help a child get to camp! We strive to provide help to families through our Financial Assistance Program. We depend on donations to help our families in need by fully funding or subsidizing the cost of camp for as many as possible.

Lazarus...a camper with us since the beginning!

Lazarus is an incredible young man who loves football, dodgeball, and wresting. Like many of our children he has faced adversity and has been a courageous young man. He likes to put a positive spin on things and is always one of the first in line to register for camp. Many past counselors still ask about him and I'm so happy to say that he is getting so grown up (this always puts a smile on their face)! I am so thankful that he has become a part of our camp family over the years. His dream is to go to college, and he has promised me a ticket to his first game as an NFL Football player (...I will definitely take him up on it!). He has the confidence to dream big...and I know that he will accomplish all that he strives for.

Tricia Kardon

"Camp means a lot to me - it feels like when I was 8 years old I walked through the doors and it just brought happiness to be around people who believe in me and have fun. It means a lot to spend the best week of a lifetime. I like to do all sports activities and love the food. I can't wait to come back. Without Twitch and Shout I wouldn't be the person I am." Lazarus

So LUCKY to have Sarah & Megan!

Megan has been involved on and off for the past 6 years. Sarah has been involved on and off for the past 5. Up until this past summer, they had actually never been at camp at the same time...leading everyone to believe they were pulling some elaborate prank! (Pssst...they are mirror twins!) They have both served as counselors, Unit Leaders, and now Megan will be heading up the new CIT program!

Megan stumbled across camp when she was studying to become a teacher. Camp was the exact environment she was striving to create as a teacher; empowering, inclusive, supportive, and fun! She quickly fell in love and has continued to be involved so she can do whatever part she can to make sure campers have the greatest week of summer camp! When she is not at camp, Megan works at Appalachian State University with teacher education recruitment and retention. She has a degree in Math Education and a master's degree in College Student Development, so her job perfectly blends her interests! When she isn't working (or when she is) she will tell anyone who will listen about her furbabies, Bailey and Gus, who are arguably two of the cutest dogs on this planet.

After hearing about how AMAZING camp is from Megan, Sarah encouraged her best friend and now roommate Katie to go to camp and meet others with TS. Katie came back from camp and also wouldn't stop talking about how amazing it naturally Sarah had to go see what the all the fuss was about! She was immediately hooked. Sarah truly believes camp is a magical place. In the months between camp itself, Sarah helps manage the camp social media page and digital fundraising efforts. She does however have a life outside of camp as well! Sarah graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Public Relations. She works in the digital marketing field for an online mortgage lender in Charlotte as their Social Media Specialist. Sarah thinks her dog, Teddy, is definitely the cutest dog on the planet (it's not arguable).


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...and TEDDY!

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"Practical parenting for the child or teen with Tourette Syndrome" with Dr. Phelps

Thursday, July 6th, 9am-4pm

295 East Dougherty Street

Athens, GA

Camp Twitch and Shout hosted its first workshop for parents and caregivers in 2016 focused on sensory sensitivities, anxiety disorders, and educational accommodations for children living with Tourette. Due to the positive feedback and our wish to serve both children and their parents, we will be hosting our second workshop in 2017! This workshop is made possible by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and the National Tourette Association of America (TAA). Dr. Kenneth Phelps will be our featured speaker for the day. Dr. Phelps is a child and family therapist who has served as a national speaker for the Tourette Association of America. He currently works within the Tourette Center of Excellence - Southeastern Consortium at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine where he offers comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), parent management training (PMT), and family therapy. The topic for our 2017 workshop will be "Practical Parenting for the Child or Teen with Tourette." This interactive and didactic presentation will cover a variety of parenting techniques, including descriptive praise, token economies, reflective listening, think throughs, giving effective commands, among others. Specifics of how to respond to youth experiencing rage, anxiety, or compulsive behavior will be covered. There will be ample opportunity for problem solving of common parental pitfalls and learning from peer parents in the group. The hope of our workshop is to not reduce parenting to a simple recipe (as it is certainly the most difficult job on the planet!), but rather offer an array of ingredients that parents and caregivers can individualize to their child. We hope you'll join us for this day long seminar!

FREE for parents/guardians of children with Tourette Syndrome!

Look for details and how to RSVP to this event in the next Newsletter!

Camp Twitch & Shout/ Tourette Information Center & Support, Inc.

Camp Twitch & Shout is a 1 week overnight camp for children ages 8 to 17 with a confirmed diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome. Located in Winder, GA at Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way, the program is going in to their 9th summer! Camp Twitch & Shout is an Award Winning American Camp Association Accredited camp...winning both the Regional Edie Klein Program of Excellence, and the National Eleanor P. Eells Program of Excellence Awards.

Mailing address:

Camp Twitch & Shout/ TICS

2472 Jett Ferry Road, Suite 400-156

Dunwoody, GA 30338