Fort Fisher

By Ieshia Miles


The battle of Fort Fisher was located in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Forces on each side

Union; 9,632(army) 2,261(navy)

Confederate: 1,900( fort fisher) 6,400(Hoke's Division)


The side that won the battle of fort fisher was the Union army


The reason why this battle was important because the Union had took control over the Confederate's last major trade fort. After the Union took control over fort fisher this made the Confederacy days numbered in the war.


The commanders on the union side was Alfred H. Terry and David D. Porter.

The commanders on the confederate side was Braxton Bragg, William H.C. Whiting, Robert Hoke, and William Lamb.


Union: Army: 664( 111 killed; 540 wounded;13 missing) Navy: 393 ( 88 killed; 271 wounded; 34 missing)

Confederate: 500 killed or wounded and over 1,000 captured.

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