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Buy an A-2 Flight Jacket to Stay Warm and Cosy This Winter

The B3 Bomber Jacket is another version of the Flying Jackets that were used by Air Force Personnel during the World War. They are an update of the earlier A-2 and G-1 jacket and were distinguishable by the use of shearling integrated with fur, which made them the warmest jackets available to use when flying. Fur was later replaced with wool, which enable the A-2 jacket to withstand colder temperatures, a property that was remarked upon by Lt. John A Macready warm when he reached a height of 40, 00 feet in the open cockpit of his fighter plane! The range of Flying Jackets available at the time - from the B3 Bomber Jacket to the M-445 - proved very popular amongst military personnel as not only were they warm but they were stylish too.

The B3 Bomber Jackets is based on the B-3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket that was popular in the War. General S. Patton, one of the most famous American Generals in World War II used to carry two Army Colt 45 Pistols with Ivory Handles and so pockets were sewn into his B3 Sheepskin Jacket at his request. This style of jacket is now manufactured today and sold to customers who wish to ward off the winter chills. The contemporary B3 bomber jacket is the ultimate in chill protection, as they are all cut individually and hand stitched in order to ensure they are a perfect fit. For added warmth, shearling pelts are used - which also adds texture and thickness too. Leather arm reinforcements and shoulder epaulets also feature on the B3 Bomber Jacket, and it is considered a true work of art with its side pocket hand warmers as well.

During the War, the A-2 Flight Jacket was preferred by pilots and co-pilots as they were relatively warm in the aircraft cabin, whereas other crew members tended to prefer the warmth of the earlier B3 jackets which were fleece lined. There are only a few manufacturers today who are experts in replicating the A-2 and B-3 jackets using exceptional materials and craftsmanship to stitch them. Each item is custom made, so whatever size of shape is demanded by the customer, they manufacturers should be able to meet their needs with their made to measure flying jackets handcrafted by individual tailors.

Flight Jackets are really popular with both genders these days, and they are also really practical for both bike enthusiasts and sportsmen too. A flight jacket is a great addition to any winter wardrobe, as it would make one warm and cosy irrespective of how cold it is outside.