Paul Revere

Authur : Henry Wadsworth Lonfellow

3 Poetry Terms !

1. Abecedarian Poem

2. Accent

3. Alliteration

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    Biography !

    Paul Revere was born in Boston’s North End, in December 1734. Sometimes his birthday is mistakenly stated as January 1st, 1735 (or December 22nd Old Style), which was actually the day when he was baptized as stated in the church records. Likely he was born few days before that in late December 1734. His father’s name was Apollos Rivoire and his mother’s Deborah Hichborn. His father was a Huguenot silversmith who had immigrated to America as a refugee from religious persecution in France. Apollos learned his trade as a gold and silversmith from John Coney. Later he anglicized his name as Paul Revere.

    Paul Revere


    Young Paul Revere was growing up on the streets of Boston’s North End, the neighborhood that was as vibrant back then as it is now. The area where rich elegance mixed with noisy street crowd was aloso home to artisans and craftsmen like Paul Revere’s father. Among those who grew in the same neighborhood were the Who Is Who of American Revolution. Sam Adams was the older of the pack and was already studying in Harvard. John Adams, Joseph Warren, Josiah Quincy, John Hancock all grew up in North End. Thomas Hutchinson, the future royal governor of Massachusetts from 1771 to 1774 and a prominent Loyalist, lived in a mansion literally next door to Revere’s home. He later became one of the bitterest enemies of the Revolution, but at the same time was described by John Adams as a “very good gentleman”.

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