Romeo a "Tragic Hero"

By Brianna Carbe'

Qualities of a "Tragic Hero"

  • The tragic hero is a character of noble stature and has greatness.
  • The tragic hero is not perfect and is "flawed"
  • The hero's downfall is partially his/her fault and is usually triggered by some error of judgement.
  • The hero's misfortune is not completely deserved.
  • The hero's fall is not pure loss, there is some gained self-knowledge, increased awareness, and some discovery on the part of the tragic hero.
  • The tragedy does not leave the audience in a state of depression.

Why Romeo is a "Tragic Hero"

Romeo is a character of high social standing, his father is a lord and Romeo is the only son so he will inherit the title of a lord. This is one quality of a "tragic hero" being he is a character of noble stature. Another reason why Romeo fits the title of being a "tragic hero" is that he is not perfect, he is flawed. Romeo follows his emotions rather than his mind. For example when Romeo was rejected by Rosaline he cried about it which made his father worry that he would harm himself if they didn't get him help. Romeo also has some error of judgement when he kills Tybalt out of revenge and his bad temper which causes him to be banned from Verona. Romeo's downfall is that he ends up marring Juliet at a young age and then dies because of his irrational thinking.

"Thus with a kiss I die"

Romeo & Juliet Death Scene 1986