Principal Update

Week of April 20, 2020


Hello Arcola Families~

I hope that everyone is safe and healthy! This is an update to get your ready for the week of 4/20. My goal is to keep you informed and know what to expect each week. Please reach out with questions at any time on any topic, we are here to assist and support you.

1) Thank you and know you are doing a great job! This is not an easy time and we appreciate all that you are doing to collaborate with us. We are all learning together.

2) Teachers are working with one another and are posting ALL work and assignments in Google Classrooms for all students. If you do not know what this looks like, please ask your child as they can show you. You can view a submitted assignment and they CAN show you what they submitted. The work is sent out weekly and the expectation is 15 hours in total. Note, that there is a terrific menu of activities for health/PE and expressive arts, students are to choose one from each as well. Have fun!

3) MP4 is Pass/Fail for all students. Teachers will provide feedback to students through Google Classroom. NOTE- Power School will not be used at all until the end of the MP for the final grade of P or F- see guidelines below.

4) Please encourage your child to log their attendance daily by 12pm, directions are below.

5) Please encourage your child to be in Google Classroom and check their district emails as we are using those tools to communicate with students.

6) We are working on plans for end of year ceremonies and awards and will find a way we can connect with our students virtually. Stay tuned!

7) We are working on plans for students to retrieve items from school. Stay tuned!


Where should my student go to sign in for daily attendance?

  • Click HERE for directions to sign in for attendance.