Causes of the American Revolution

Come join the fight and get your freedom!

Quartering Act

We have to house them? No, I refuse to house a solder that not my problem. The king can send more people over to build them houses. If the king wants to send soldiers over then he can build houses here. I'll take a guess that no one wants to house a soldier or build them a house!

Townsend Act

They are taxing us on what we can't make here. We need glass, paper, lead, and tea because the water here is awful. If we could make those things ourselves, we would not have to by them.

Boston Massacre

Let's go son! We're going to protest the Townsend act. We need those things to build houses. Keep your eyes open and duck if the Redcoats shoot!

Boston Tea Party

I'm going to throw the tea off of a ship. Get in to your costume now because we need to go! We are going to dump 134 boxes of tea into the bay.
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Web Quest Questions

1. In what city and state did the last battle of the Revolutionary War take place?

2. Who was the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party?

3. Who was the highest ranking officer of the British Army?