Graduation Information

Sam Barlow High School ~ May 20th, 2020

Graduation Ceremony Plans for Sam Barlow High School

We are disappointed that we had to change our original plans for graduation at the Memorial Coliseum. As you have been made aware through the most recent communication from the district, we are moving to an alternative plan for graduation. The plan being presented has taken into account input from students, staff, district leadership, and community partners.

While we realize this will look different from what we are all used to, it is important that we hold this important celebration close to the original date that our students and families had planned for over a year. This ensures that all students can participate in and experience this momentous occasion.

Our Graduates Will Be Recognized and Celebrated

Graduation is still on Thursday, June 4th. Students will arrive at Barlow by car based on on a time that will be selected by them and their family (Reserve Graduation Time). All cars will enter the main parking lot at Sam Barlow High School from Lusted Road and will be directed by staff to staging areas. Cars will be grouped by time block and ushered through our Graduation Processional.

During the Graduation Processional, we will be playing Pomp and Circumstance, the names of each graduate will be read for everyone to hear, and the graduate will receive their diploma, medallion, and diploma sleeve from Principal Bruce C. Schmidt, Jr., Dr. Katrise Perera, Superintendent of the Gresham Barlow School District, and a member of the Gresham Barlow School District Board of Directors.

After receiving their diploma, the student and family will be ushered in their cars to a photography station. Each graduate will have the chance to take a photo with up to three family members. The driver of the vehicle must stay in the car at this time. The photos taken by Dorian Photography Studio will be available for purchase.

Once the photo is taken, graduates will leave in their cars during the Graduation Recessional by driving down the bus loop and exiting onto 302nd Avenue.

Download Graduation Route

The Ceremony Will Follow Health and Safety Protocols

The graduation ceremony will follow all Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority guidelines and will occur in the form of drive-through celebration. Each graduate is only allowed ONE car for this ceremony. All families must stay inside the vehicle until they exit for the professional photograph. The driver must remain in the vehicle the entire time. We recommend that all participants wear masks for this event to stop the spread.

Upcoming Events

Evening of Excellence

Each year we host an "Evening of Excellence" where students receive honor cords, Scholars of Distinction Stoles, and scholarship awards from local, regional, and national organizations. Due to the school closure, and limitations on gatherings, we are not going to be able to host this event as we always have done. However, we have a plan!

On Thursday, May 28th, from 5-6:30 PM, students who receive an invitation for the Evening of Excellence will be able to drive through the Barlow parking lot and pick up their awards. We will have individual packets assembled for each student with all honor cords and certificates that can be passed to you through a car window. This will give your student the chance to be recognized and have all of their adornments and awards before our graduation ceremony. Students or families that can not make this date and time will will be able to pick up these items on the day of graduation.

If you have earned a scholarship, please report that to the College and Career Center by using the: 2020 Senior Feedback Form. This is important as we will be putting your name in the graduation program and keeping a tally of scholarship dollars to share with the media. Share your winnings!

Last Chance for Senior Clearance June 1st

The first step in getting closer to graduating, other than earning all of your credits, is going through senior clearance. This is the process where you will be turning in all textbooks, sports uniforms, library books, cleaning out your locker(s), and covering any outstanding fees that you may have. It is important that you get to the building and go through clearance, otherwise we will hold your diploma until you are cleared. It is that important.

If you were unable to get to Barlow to complete Senior Clearance on May 14th and 15th, we have set aside an additional chance for you to return all items to Barlow and pick up one of those really cool lawn signs. To complete the clearance process, you will enter the building at the main entrance on Monday June 1st between 12pm - 4pm.

During this event ALL social distancing guidelines will be enforced and followed. If possible, wear a mask as suggested by the CDC.